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YTP: "Voices of the City"
HS Student, Fall Internships!

In this YTP intensive five week workshop, high school students will spend 5 weeks building their skills in stage acting, improvisation, and writing. They will dive deep into topics that most affect them and the city they live in and ultimately write and perform original monologues around those topics while receiving a stipend.

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It ain't sexy, it don't sing and dance, but it's the cost of doing biz-ness, plain and simple. Times are tough for everyone, we know, but if you could kick in a few extra dollars by adopting a bill the Mime Troupe will be able to keep the show on the road!

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FSM [Free Speech Movement] written by Joan Holden, music & Lyrics by Bruce Barthol & Daniel Savio, Sound Design by Lawton Lovely. Also working on the show: Lisa Hori-Garcia, Ed Holmes and Karen Runk. Sept. 20-21 at Brava Theatre Center & Sept 27-28 at Berkely Rep.

And our longtime ASL interpreter and monthly donor, Tina Marzell performs in Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill. Aug. 22-Sept. 20 at Masquers Playhouse.

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News Letter

The San Francisco Mime Troupe does not do pantomime. We mean 'mime' in the ancient sense: to mimic. We are satirists, seeking to make you laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life, and at the same time see their causes. We travel the country and the world with our message of solidarity, comedy, and the plight of the worker in our increasingly corporatized democracy, and have done shows about most of the burning issues of our time - normally debunking the official story. And because we want our shows about the issues of the day to be seen by the people who are most effected by those issues- working class families who can't always afford to the ticket prices at the other Tony award winning theaters - we perform most of our shows free in public parks, for tens of thousands of our fellow citizens every summer.

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